Welcome to Impassioned Platypi. As the subtitle summarizes (I hope), this blog is a compilation of sorts. I want to write but I don’t want to write about just one topic. Sometimes I want to write about sex, sometimes philosophy and sometimes parenting. Sometimes I want to share an observation I make about a person, a group of people or various other things that one can observe. Sometimes I want to give advice based on my personal beliefs and experiences. And sometimes I want to write fictional stories.

Also, I am an odd duck. The reason I say this is because of the sort of theme I have come up with for my blog. Originally I intended to do a normal blog with a title and a subtitle that would get across the basic gist of what the blog was about in a few words. Thing is, I did not want my blog to focus on just one thing. I read a blog called The Over-Educated Nympho which was initially started as a sex blog but has evolved into something more. That’s definitely not a bad thing, but I have seen comments there from people who have been pulled in (like I was) by the posts about sex but then feel as though they were lied to because the whole thing isn’t about sex all the time. I love OEN. I don’t mind the non-sex posts, mostly, in fact I like a lot of them. However, I did not want anyone to feel as though my blog’s name and title were lying to them after they read through a couple of my posts. This presented quite a challenge. I just couldn’t seem to come up with something that would encompass all the things I’m likely to talk about here while also representing me in a way I liked and while being somewhat unique and original.

I brainstormed a long list of ideas for names and none of them were quite right. However, somehow I came up with the perfect subtitle fairly easily. The funny thing is that I pulled my inspiration for the subtitle from the subject of many of my aborted name ideas- the platypus. Just as the majestic platypus is an amalgamation of nature, I am an amalgamation of knowledge and interests. Most people probably are, but for some reason I am particularly drawn to the platypus whereas most others aren’t. Perhaps it is my power animal, I don’t know. Point is, I had my subtitle but I couldn’t seem to come up with a name to go along with it.

Then, one day I was vocalizing my frustration about this to my boyfriend and he came up with what I thought was a truly unique and brilliant idea, though I’m not quite sure what triggered this brilliant idea because I was bitching about the name not about the absense of a "concept"- he suggested I write the blog using different "characters", sort of, for different topics. This appealed to me. Where calling the blog something like Eclectic Platypus might have been OK, something about the plural of the word platypus just resonated with me. Shortly thereafter I came up with the proper adjective to accompany my noun and here we are. It has the potential to be confusing, but I’m hoping that even if it’s confusing it’s at least also interesting.

In an effort to keep this little idea of mine from being too confusing though, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the cast. I may add more later, but for now here they are:

Platypus Prime– Prime is my catch-all. If it isn’t something that fits into one of the topics assigned to one of the other characters then it will be posted by Prime.
Rupini– As might have been obvious from my mention of The Over-Educated Nympho, I like sex. A lot. I like reading about it and I like writing about it. Posts about sex and relationships will be made by Rupini.
Edesia– I also like food and drink (alcoholic or otherwise) quite a bit. And where there’s food and drink, usually there’s people and socializing and fun. So food, drink and revelry posts will be made by Edesia.
Yemanja– My maternal instincts will all be channeled through Yemanja. She will be posting about parenting and children.
Brehon– I am generally not a very politically active person, but if I ever feel the need to post about laws or politics those entries will be made by Brehon.
Aspasia– I think part of the reason I’m not political is because I’m more internally focused. I am very interested in philosophy, spirituality and understanding my own mind. Any entries about such things will be posted by Aspasia.

There will be one more Platypus, but I don’t have a name for her yet. She will be responsible for posts of a more fictional, less opinionated nature. Probably mostly erotica at least at first, possibly more later. *EDIT- I have since figured out that different pages don’t seem to be linked with specific “authors” on WordPress, so that last sentence about a Platypus for fiction is totally a lie… at least for now, since in reality I haven’t played with the pages all that much and I may end up sort of signing stories with a different Platypus name. We’ll see when I actually get around to posting fiction I suppose.*

And finally, I don’t know how often you’ll hear from him or what he’ll be saying but I am giving my boyfriend access to post here. He will be known as The Keeper.

Aside from having a "cast" but only one actual author, I imagine this blog will be much like other blogs. I’ll make an attempt to post regularly, but I make no promises. At least at first. I may eventually try to keep some sort of posting schedule, but I feel that at the moment all a schedule will do is make me feel bad when I don’t keep up with whatever the schedule is. So yea, sticking with "no promises".

*EDIT- For those who like to read a blog from the beginning forward, this is the first post. It’s probably pretty obvious, but I want to make sure there’s no confusion if you found this post by clicking the “Explaining The Platypi” link I’ve added to the sidebar.


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