Being that the holiday season is upon us it might be appropriate that my first culinary post be about all the baking I have been/ plan to be doing. I could talk about my recent adventure in pie making, or about what I intend to bake to give as gifts to people I don’t feel like spending much money on for xmas. And I will talk about those things, later. Right now I’d like to make a recommendation to any fledgling winos out there. Try a Port.

The Keeper recently decided that we should try Port after having heard something on NPR about it. The suggestion on NPR was that if you’re a beginner to Port you should start with a 10 year tawny Port. Those can get a little expensive so I believe The Keeper got tawny, but not ten year tawny.

Now, we are by no means wine connoisseurs. Real wine snobs would laugh at our unrefined preference for sweeter wines. But we know what we like and we definitely liked tawny Port. It smells and tastes like raisins with just a hint of a chocolate aftertaste. So, if you like wine or if you want to try to get into wine, try a tawny port.


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