How Bad Can It Be?

I spoke too soon. After I left work today, I got a call from my recruiter at the temp agency saying that the organization had decided they wanted today to be my last day. Given the fact that the manager that I was dealing with at the organization was pretty obviously annoyed with all the questions I was asking and with my lack of understanding of the one task he gave me to do (which I told him up front I had no experience with), I’m not all that surprised. Considering the emotional and physical breakdown I had when I got home today, I’m also not all that upset. It would have been nice to stay long enough that I would feel comfortable putting the position on my resume, but since that didn’t happen I’m just not going to worry about it. I had been toying with the idea months ago of starting my own Etsy shop and trying to make an income from my arts and crafting. Perhaps with part of my tax return, I can make that happen.


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