The Best Egg Sammich Ever

Since I’ve been unemployed, lunch just hasn’t seemed very important. Half the time I don’t eat anything until lunchtime, either because I get caught up with something in the morning or because I sleep until 11am, so my lunches tend to be more like breakfasts. For those kind of breakfast-at-noon lunches I love the egg sandwich. Here’s how I make mine:

2 eggs, whisked
grated Parmesan cheese to taste (for me, usually two or three handfuls)
sliced tomato

Heat frying pan on medium setting while whisking eggs. Spray pan with nonstick spray (or coat with butter), unless you’re using cast iron. Pour whisked eggs into pan and cook until the outside edge is just barely wet looking. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top of cooking eggs, concentrating on the middle. Fold two sides of the egg in to the middle so as to resemble a soft taco, then flip so the overlapping edged are face down on the pan. Cook to desired consistency and cut ends so that you have a roughly sandwich sized square of Parmesan filled egg. Spread mayo on two sliced of bread, add egg, tomato slices and a little salt and you have the perfect egg sandwich.


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