Fictitious Heroes, The Cornerstone Of Geekdom

Heroes. They’re the one thing all geeks have in common. We read comics and novels based around them, watch TV series’ and movies about them, and play as them in video games and tabletop role-playing games. And even if we’ve moved on and prefer the villains or the anti-heroes now, we all started out as the kid who wrapped a towel around our shoulders and chased our evil siblings around the house pretending to be one caped crusader or another.

Because of this shared genesis, we can usually find at least one thing to talk about when we find ourselves in social situations with other geeks. Heroes. Which one could kick the other’s ass? Who’s your favorite? Which has the best nemesis?

I think my introduction to superheroes was probably She-Ra.

As I got older I learned about the more classic heroes, like The XMen, Superman, Batman and The Hulk. Mostly because my Mom loved the cartoons, TV shows and movies featuring all these characters. Eventually I started seeking them out on my own and found various classic and newer heroes to love. My older sister introduced me to Shi and my ex introduced me to Deadpool. All of the superhero movies that have come up over the past few years made me aware of the Fantastic Four and Spiderman. The Keeper got me interested in the Green Lantern and Green Arrow.

But I think my personal favorite out of all the superheroes I’m familiar with might just be Iron Man. 


He’s not some whiny victim of fate like Spiderman or The XMen. He’s not a holier-than-thou boy scout like Superman or a brooding ball of angst with too much money on his hands like Batman. He wasn’t chosen by a higher power like the Green Lantern. He’s a resourceful genius who, despite having been a prisoner of war, is upbeat with a witty and sarcastic sense of humor. He’s the guy who is a hero because it’s kind of fun, not because he feels obligated. He’s the hero, out of all the heroes I’m aware of, that I would most enjoy sitting down with and having a drink.


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