30 Days of Kink: Day 29

Do you have a BDSM title (e.g. mistress, master, slut, pig, whore, princess, goddess, ma’am, sir)? What is your opinion of the use of titles in general?

Within the D/s dynamic I would like to have, titles just aren’t really necessary. I understand why other people have them, but my preferred dynamic just isn’t so extreme that I need to call The Keeper something other than his name. As for myself, I don’t feel a title would be necessary either. My Dom is my Dom, he can call me anything he likes. I will say though that I do sort of informally categorize our dynamic as one of Owner/pet. I will probably never call him Owner in place of his name, and the only time he’s called me pet it’s more like an affectionate nickname like “honey” or “baby” than a title, but if we were going to have formal titles those are probably what they would be.

In regard to the use of titles in general, my opinion is this: meh. I don’t really have an opinion. I understand all the reasons people use them, and I feel that people should do what feels right to them. If calling your partner Master or Sir feels right, then by all means do so. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it.


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