Obligatory Welcoming Of The New Year- 2011

Over the last couple of months I’ve purposely not posted anything here about the holiday season. There was no post for Thanksgiving, no post for Christmas, and I thought that there would be no post for the New Year.

I don’t have anything in particular against the holiday season, I’ve just always been kind of annoyed by the seemingly obligatory “Happy [insert holiday here]” webcomics and blog posts. And, regarding the New Year specifically, I’ve never really been the type to seriously make resolutions. I’ve always felt that they were just sort of pointless. No one ever sticks to their big, meaningful resolutions for more than a few weeks; which is probably due to the fact that they only made big, meaningful resolutions because it was New Year’s and that’s what you’re supposed to do. So usually, I just don’t make resolutions at all. I might think about things I want to do differently in the new year, but I don’t formalize them into resolutions.

This year, however, I joined Twitter and Twitter doesn’t allow you the number of characters it would take to explain that something is not a resolution, it’s just something you’re hoping to change during the next year. Which means that as I thought of things I should probably do differently in 2011 I had to call them resolutions if I wanted to Tweet about them. And then I decided that if I was going to Tweet about it, I may as well blog about it. So, here we are. These are my resolutions for 2011:

  1. Cook more; order delivery, take out fast food and go out to eat less. I spend money on groceries, I really ought to actually eat some of them.
  2. Leave my apartment on days that are not weekends and for reasons other than D&D or running errands. Seriously, I have been a ridiculous hermit since I lost my job.
  3. Create some sort of cleaning schedule for the apartment and stick to it. This place is such a sty most of the time.
  4. Have more sex. This will require either help from The Keeper, or his permission to be a swinger.
  5. Get an effing job. This is less of a resolution and more of a hope. I would settle for an extension on my unemployment benefits though if necessary.
  6. Create more. Drawing, painting, writing, knitting, cross-stitching, sculpting- all things that I don’t do enough of to actually become skilled at instead of just talented.

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