30 Days of Kink: Day 11

What are your views on the ethics of kink?

I’ve honestly never given much thought to the ethics of kink. Like Violet over at
Caveat Emptor I feel that ethics are, to a degree, subjective. The “ethics of kink” are even harder to pin down, because the kinky community is made up of so, so many differing viewpoints. For instance, I’ve actually seen Christian groups listed on Fetlife, which makes me think that there are probably kinky Jehovah’s Witnesses out there somewhere. If that’s the case, they would probably consider vampirism fetishes and blood play unethical. I personally feel that due to the somewhat pedophilic undertones, baby play fetishes and parent/child power dynamic play is somewhat unethical. Since most people’s ethical views are influenced a great deal by things like religious upbringing and other ideological groups they belong to long before they really discover kink, it’s highly unlikely that there would be any unifying ethical code for those who identify as kinky. However, there is one ethical principle that I feel the majority of the kinky community can agree on: if anyone involved has not given consent freely then there is something seriously wrong and all proceedings should be halted. That principle, in my mind, boils down to “An’ it harm none, do as you will”, and is really the only ethical principle I feel is relevant or necessary whether one is talking about kink or life in general.


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