30 Days of Kink: Day 10

What are your hard limits?

I actually came up with a “blacklist” for The Keeper early on in our relationship. Here it is in all its bullet-pointed glory:

  • No urine, ever, anywhere, in a sexual situation/ context.
  • No feces ever, anywhere in a sexual situation/ context; except in relation to preparing for and performing anal sex or anal stimulation with toys. Basically, poo is not arousing to me. It is an unfortunate side effect when engaging in anal play.
  • No feet. I do not find feet at all arousing. Women’s feet can be aesthetically pleasing in certain shoes, and shoes can add to an overall sexy look. However, when feet are the focus of sexual attention I find myself somewhat disgusted. I don’t want anyone’s mouth or genitals on my feet and I do not want my mouth or genitals on anyone else’s feet.
  • No severe pain anywhere besides my nipples (for the purpose of this hard limit, the aereola is not part of the nipple), ass and maybe parts of the neck/shoulders/back.
  • I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of roleplay, but any roleplay which would include themes of incest or "baby play" in general is a hard limit for me. This includes calling anyone who is boning me “daddy” or “papi” as well as things like dressing up in a diaper. People dressing up as and acting like infants I just don’t understand, it does nothing for me sexually. But incestuous roleplay or even the more common act of calling a partner “daddy” just completely grosses me out.
  • I do not find being entirely left alone for prolonged periods of time (though a short time to build suspense can be thrilling) and/or being confined to a small enclosed space to be a turn on.

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