30 Days of Kink: Day 7

What’s your favorite toy?

Unfortunately, I don’t really have much in the way of toys. I used to have a vibrator, but the last time I used it I didn’t clean it immediately and the next time I wanted to use it I remembered I hadn’t cleaned it and wasn’t sure I’d be able to clean it thoroughly enough so I just threw it away. The Keeper and I bought an anal plug, but haven’t really used it much. And those are pretty much the only toys I’ve ever used.

The thing about sex toys for me is I never really saw much use in spending so much money on them. If The Keeper and I were having sex more frequently, and if I could get him to actually use them on me and let me use them on him, then maybe it would make sense to have some. Unfortunately, our foreplay generally isn’t all that drawn out because once we’re both all worked up we don’t tend to continue teasing, we just get on with the main event. So even if we had toys I’m not sure we’d be likely to remember to use them.

And in general, I don’t masturbate. I’ll occasionally get very horny and touch myself a bit, but usually that’s just it. A touch, a rub. Then I go about doing whatever else I was about to do. Because nine times out of ten, masturbating does nothing for me. I almost never get a full orgasm out of it, so when I really put time and effort in to doing it I just end up frustrated. I’ll admit I did have more luck with that vibrator than I ever did with just my fingers, but even with that it tended to be more frustrating than satisfying. I would get to the point where I was pissed off that all I had was a toy and not an actual human being with a nice big cock who would use me like I was their toy.

So I guess the answer to this is… I don’t have a favorite toy.


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