30 Days of Kink: Day 6

Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

I’ve been thinking about how best to answer this since I first read through the
30 Days of Kink list. Most of my fantasies don’t really seem interesting or weird to me; and usually they aren’t so much fleshed out fantasies as they are specific kinky and/or sexual actions I want to do or have done to me. I only ever get into the details of how and in what order on the rare occasion that I write erotic fiction. The only fantasy I could think of that would involve a lot of details without me having to really construct it all from the jumble of “things I want to do” in my head was my sensory deprivation fantasy.

A few years ago, when I was between relationships (or, what I call my “slutty time”), I found an ad on the casual encounters section of Craig’s List. It described, in incredibly erotic detail, a scenario of almost complete sensory deprivation. I can’t remember the details of the actual ad anymore, but I remember after reading it I was extremely wet. As far as I can recall, I did not respond to the ad. I would have liked to, but it really didn’t seem like the kind of thing one should do with someone you meet randomly online. Far too much potential for something to go terribly awry. I’ve thought about it ever since though.

Ideally I would be laid out on a surface which could be kept at body temperature, and which would automatically correct of the heat my body would generate just by laying there for a long time. This surface would also ideally be something soft that would form around my body just a little. Something I would make a bit of an indent in, and not just a flat, hard table. I realize that this would be incredibly difficult to obtain though, so a narrow bed or cushioned bench of some sort would probably have to do. It would have to be something that my partner could walk all the way around and easily reach me from any direction.

My wrists and ankles would be bound in such a way as to give my partner full access to my body, but not in a way which would become uncomfortable. Or, if possible, perhaps I would be drugged in some way so that I could feel any physical stimulation I was given and my muscles would react to the stimulation, but I could not otherwise move. Nothing permanent, just something that would be in effect for a few hours. Next I would be blindfolded, thoroughly. Not just a cloth tied over my eyes, but something which would completely black out my vision. My ears would be plugged also, but not just with normal plugs. With normal earplugs any vibrations on my body or the surface I lay on could be translated into something resembling sound. Instead I would be wearing earphones which would be playing white noise at a volume just loud enough that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on outside vibrations, but low enough that I also wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the sounds. Finally, something with a very strong smell would be placed just under my nose in order to overload my sense of smell.

Then, the fun would begin.

At first, my partner would just let me lie there adjusting to the lack of sensory input. Maybe let me stay there without any outside stimuli for thirty minutes. It would probably feel like hours. Even if I’m not drugged in any way, I might forget that I have the ability to move, or speak. Then, various forms of stimulation. A feather run over my body. Firm hands massaging my limbs. Candle wax, or ice, or both. Electric jolts. Something that feels like a knife. Perhaps something that actually is a knife making a few shallow cuts. Nipple clamps. All sorts of touches, with 15 or 30 minute breaks every so often. And no genital stimulation at first. Nothing on my breasts or nipples at first either. That way by the time I feel a toothed clamp on my nipple, or a soft, wet tongue flick across my clitoris, I would be an the edge about the explode. And as soon as my partner began stimulating my hot spots, they would do so mercilessly, continuously. Half an hour, maybe an hour of such stimulation would feel like an eternity by that point. Once the ear plugs and blindfold were finally removed and the strong smell washed away, I would feel as though I’d been locked inside my head with all that physical stimulation for days, though it probably would only have been a few hours.

That is what I want more than almost anything else. I want someone I love and trust to give me this experience, and be just as fascinated by the prospect of observing me during the whole ordeal as I am interested in experiencing it.


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