30 Days of Kink: Day 2

List your kinks.

Before I can list my kinks, I should probably define what I identify as a kink. Some people consider anything sexual that they wouldn’t do, or that they don’t enjoy, a kink. Some would say that anything other than heterosexual, puritan style, missionary position sex is kinky. I’m sure there are many other definitions and qualifications for what a kink is and they all depend on the person you’re talking to.

Me? I consider a kink to be anything sexual that someone else might feel is out of the ordinary or taboo, but that I enjoy or am interested in. Working from that definition, here are my kinks:

  • Anal– I enjoy receiving anal stimulation and penetration. I am not all that fond of giving though. The one time that a sex partner of mine requested I perform anal on them I couldn’t get past the squick-factor enough to enjoy their enjoyment. And my hesitation and obvious dislike of the act ruined it for my sex partner. Perhaps if there is a next time a glove would help.
  • Bloodplay– Unfortunately I haven’t actually had a chance to experience bloodplay. I’ve always felt excited at the sight of my own blood. I used to prick my fingers with needles to try and coax it out, and every time I get a cut I tend to try and make it bleed more before I try to stop the bleeding. It’s not just the sight though, I enjoy the taste as well. If I could find someone I trusted, who I knew was disease free and who was also interested in blood I would really love to try bloodplay.
  • Bondage– This is arousing on a couple different levels for me, both having to do with control. Being bound puts me in a position of submission to the person who did the binding. Since I am submissive, being in that kind of position it comforting. At the same time, and separate from the submission, it’s thrilling to know that whatever is about to happen you won’t be able to move away or defend yourself, or stop it.
  • Candle Wax– I’ve played with hot wax a little by myself and found it to be exhilarating. Eventually I’m hoping The Keeper and I might experiment with this a bit.
  • Erotic Asphyxiation– My very first sex partner and I tried this a couple times. I enjoyed it, but haven’t really been able to find anyone since who either was willing to do it to me, or able to do it in a way I enjoyed.
  • Electrical Play– I have yet to experience this type of play, but I am very curious about it. I can imagine jolts from a low voltage implement of some sort could be very erotic if done at the right times under the right circumstances.
  • Fire Play– Again, I haven’t experienced this. I’m really not even entirely sure what it entails. But I am curious nonetheless.
  • Gang Bang/ Group Sex– I’ve never actually had sex with more than one person at once. The only times I’ve had sex with other people in the room have been when people have accidentally walked in on me. But despite my lack of experience I am very interested in participating in all kinds of different configurations of group sex.
  • Hair Pulling– Sometimes there’s nothing hotter than a strong hand getting a nice firm grip on my hair near the scalp and then forcing my head in whatever direction it wants. Has to be good, thick handful of hair though, or else there’s a chance of large hanks of hair being ripped out of my skull and I’m not into that.
  • Knife Play– This is yet another kink I have yet to experience but am incredibly interested in. I can imagine how thrilling it could be to know that one wrong move from you or your partner could result in some extremely serious consequences. And the possibility of pairing this with blood play in some way is even more enticing.
  • Light Humiliation/ Dirty Talk– Despite my feeling that being a “slut” or a “whore” is in no way a bad thing, and despite the fact that I have at times identified myself as a slut, I can still be made to feel as though being called those things is dirty and wrong. Though usually that feeling is paired with a contrasting feeling of it being oh so very right. I suppose I don’t exactly get humiliated, but some people might so that’s why I chose the heading I did for this one. To me, it’s dirty talk. Identifying who I am in the moment, making me feel sexy through what some might consider degradation.
  • Nipple Torture– Maybe my nipple just aren’t very sensitive, but light touches to them do absolutely nothing for me unless they’ve been preceded by much, much heavier touches. I can feel gentle sucking and tonguing, and it can be pleasant. But those things will never get my motor really running. I need hard pinching, twisting, and teeth.
  • Sensory Deprivation– I’m not a very experienced kinkster, am I? Sensory deprivation is another interest I have that I have yet to experience for myself. At least not to the extent I’d like. I suppose being blindfolded might be considered sensory dep., but what I’m thinking of and fantasizing about is more extreme. I want to be put in a situation where all sight, smell, hearing and taste are blocked out and my partner periodically stimulates me with touch. Feathers, fabrics, toys… all kinds of touch, but not constantly. I want to completely lose my sense of time and feel like I’m floating in my own mind.
  • Sex in Semi-Public– I lost my virginity in the back of a car, on a mountain, parked at an overlook area along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’ve had fantasies about getting pounded while bending over a headstone in a graveyard and being fucked in churches. I gave one guy a blow job on the porch of a friend’s house while there was a small party going on inside. The Keeper fingered me while we were sitting in a common area of his college dorm waiting for his laundry to finish. Then, while living with me over summer break, The Keeper fucked me in the office where I used to work. The possibility of getting caught is a bit of a turn on.
  • Spanking– This one is fairly self explanatory I think. I would almost not even consider it a kink except that I know there are plenty of people out there who think it’s weird.

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