I’ve been ruminating for a little while on a post The Organic Sister made a couple weeks ago. Something she mentioned in the first paragraph just kind of keeps popping into my thoughts.

“Possibly the most common reaction we meet when we talk about our lifestyle and the choices it took to get here is one of genuine interest and a serious longing. Travel has long been seen as our culture’s ultimate definition of freedom and luxury…the Dream Life. And after being out here for a few months, I can see why. It’s already been life-changing, paradigm-shifting and a kind of liberating you have to experience to understand.”

She says that one of the most common reactions they’ve gotten is one of “serious longing”. At first I completely understood that. When I think about what she and her family are doing I’ve also kind of thought in the back of my mind, “man, that would be very cool…”. But after reading that first paragraph of that post, for some reason I started giving the idea some more conscious thought. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t think I would want to travel full time the way they are.

And I don’t mean that as a judgment toward Tara and her family, not at all! I still think what they’re doing is impressive and very, very cool. I just don’t think I would enjoy it once the initial “holy shit, I’m doing this” feeling wore off.

Not that I don’t want to travel. I would love to travel. I would love to have the resources to flit about the world and visit this place or that place for a month at a time. But those would be trips to places in Europe, Asia, Africa. Far off, exotic places. Hell, there are even some places in not so far off or exotic Canada that I might want to spend a month. But the US? *shrug* Seen it. A week or two at a time in  just about any destination within the continental United States is enough for me. And no matter where I go, I always want a headquarters to come back to. A place with enough space that I can spread out and have all my books and arts and crafts supplies and art and tchotchkies. Somewhere that I can return from my travels and take a day or two and just relax before going back to whatever routine is normal for me.

Because when I travel I’m enjoying myself and I suppose in some circumstances I’m relaxed in a certain way, but it’s not the same kind of relaxed as when I’m back in my headquarters. And I just don’t think a mobile headquarters would provide the same kind of relaxation I need between adventures.

When I travel and I’m staying with family or friends I tend to start wishing for my comfortable furniture (how is it that no one else ever seems to have comfortable furniture?) and start getting mildly irritated at the differences in how their household functions as opposed to my own. If I were in a mobile headquarters, I think I’d be feeling that same longing for my comfy armchair and wishing that I could pee without The Keeper hearing me or that I could go to sleep while he stays up to play video games in another room. Without the stable, spacious place to return to and rest I can see myself just getting depressed and listless and not really enjoying the experience.


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