Rewards Upon Homecoming: Part 2

Again, this is a work of erotic fiction that I wrote some time ago. I know I said I wanted people to tell me if they wanted the second part posted, but you people aren’t responsive at all on any part of this blog except the Knotwork entry, so I decided to post it anyway.

Once he has me secured to the chair, Ian lets out a long, low growling noise as he slides his hands slowly up the backs of my legs. His thumbs come close to brushing against my quickly moistening pussylips, but not quite and then I feel him squeeze each asscheek. His hands stay on my ass, gently kneading and pulling my cheeks and legs slightly apart and I hear him murmur, "Such a good girl", just before I feel his tongue slide between my wet folds and hear him quietly moan. I moan in response and try to part my legs more for him, but can’t move enough to even do that. My head hangs down to touch the cushion on the chair as he laps and sucks at my drenched cunt and all I can do is moan and pant. His hands stay on my ass, kneading slowly, until I feel his mouth move away to the side. My moans grow louder as one hand slides down and I feel his fingers begin working their way inside my swollen pussy. The other slides in front of me while he gently bites and nibbles at the insides of my thighs. His teeth dig in more as he finds my clit and feels my entire body shake, then quickly thrusts his fingers into me, fucking me hard with the fingers of one hand while the fingers of his other hand rub at my clit. Soon I’m screaming and shaking violently despite the restraints. He only lets me cum once though, and then slowly, gently withdraws his fingers and purrs, "Such a good girl", again as he kisses the back of my thigh.

As I gasp and pant, catching my breath, I can hear him behind me undressing. The rustling of clothes stops long before I catch my breath, but nothing else happens until I’m breathing normally again. When I’m calm, I hear Ian move back behind me and I feel his hand begin rubbing and gently squeezing one side of my ass. I purr happily, then gasp as he pulls my asscheek to one side and presses a cold, wet finger to my asshole. Ian begins murmuring to me in a soothing voice as he applies more lube and begins working his finger into my ass. Once his finger is buried in my ass and thrusting slowly in and out, he asks if I’m enjoying my reward so far. All I can do is moan, loudly. I hear him chuckle softly and then feel him add a little more lube and a second finger. As he stretches me, my body begins to tremble all over. When Ian adds more lube I purr and moan in anticipation of feeling his big, thick cock slide into me and at first I think it is his cock. But it just keeps getting wider and then all of a sudden, narrower. Then I realize he must have brought home a buttplug from his trip and I moan even louder.

"Do you know what that is, baby?" Ian asks.

"B… buttplug" I pant, body trembling.

I feel his hands knead my ass again, then slide up and down my sides and my back as he leans over top of me. I can feel his cock against my ass and it’s rock solid. He shifts his hips down enough to rub that cock against my pussy, teasing, and I gasp and pant and whine in frustration at not being able to move and try to bring him inside me. He chuckles and continues teasing me for a few moments before withdrawing completely and leaving me to focus on the feeling of the buttplug.

My body continues quivering and I try to relax. After a few minutes when nothing else has happened, I summon the courage to call Ian name in a small and uncertain voice. He assures me he’s there, but doesn’t move to touch me. I begin panting again, imagining what might be coming next and after a few more minutes I whimper, "Ian… please…"

"Please what baby? Do you want me to stop your reward?"

I feel panicked and quickly answer, "No! No… please continue the reward… please… I need to feel you… please…"

I hear him move to the side of the chair and then I can feel his lips at the back of my neck, and his arms slide around me as he kisses my neck and back. The panicked feeling goes away and I calm down again, and then Ian moves back behind me and a light slap lands on my ass. My breath catches, and then another blow lands, harder than the first. I moan and gasp, then cry out as blow after blow falls on my asscheeks, each one harder than the last. As he administers the spanking, Ian explains that it’s part of my reward. He tells me between each hit that he knows I enjoy having my ass tenderized and that he loves me and wants to make me happy. Soon the cries are loud moans and he’s telling me that he put the buttplug in the loosen me up, telling me he wants to fuck my ass nice and hard the way he knows I like it, asking me if I want him to fill my ass with his cock and his cum. All I can do is moan louder and louder, and then when I can’t take it anymore I begin screaming. I beg him to fuck me, I beg for his cock and after a couple more slaps to my ass he growls and pulls the buttplug out. I hear him quickly lube himself up and then he growls again as he slides his cock into my ass. He goes slow as first to make sure I’m loose and relaxed enough, but I’m moaning and almost sobbing telling him to fuck me, so he drives in more quickly. As he thrusts in and out of my ass as hard as he can I begin screaming and as soon as his hand comes around in front of me and touches my engorged clit I have a massive orgasm. I strain against all the ties and squeeze his cock hard inside me just before I hear him cry out and feel his arms wrap around me tight, clinging as he pulses and cums inside my ass.

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