Rewards Upon Homecoming

The following is a work of erotic fiction. I wrote it some time ago, and have decided that others here might enjoy reading it. It is the first of two parts. If you enjoy it, let me know and maybe I’ll post the second part. Feedback is welcome, but be respectful.
The apartment was clean, finally. I’d worked on it all week while Ian was away on his first business trip, and now there was nothing left to do but clean myself up and then wait for him to get home. In the shower, I imagined how surprised he’d be when he walked in. The apartment had begun to get really cluttered in the few months since we’d been living there and we’d both been lazy about cleaning up. Now everything was clean and organized and you could walk around without stepping on anything. I’d gotten some more frames and put some more art up on the walls. I’d even gone out and gotten some potted plants and fresh flowers.

I got out of the shower feeling nice and fresh, got dressed and then sat down in the cushy, comfy armchair we’d gotten for reading in the office/library. Ian was due home shortly, and to keep from fidgeting anxiously I’d decided to read for a while.

About an hour later, Ian’s arms slide around me from behind and he whispers into my ear, "Well, someone’s been busy this week…", making me jump and squeak in surprise. I hadn’t even heard him come in. I turn sideways in the chair to smile up at him and kiss him hello. I just meant it to be a simple hello, but it seems Ian has other ideas as he deepens the kiss and pulls me up so I’m kneeling in the chair facing him on the other side of it’s back. As we kiss, his hands rub up and down my back and then up into my hair. He takes hold of my hair and I gasp as he breaks the kiss by pulling my head back a little to lick and nip down my neck and then over to my ear.

"I really missed you this week.." he purrs quietly into my ear in that deep, commanding voice he uses that makes me shiver. As he says it, he tightens his grip in my hair, making me gasp again. "And you’ve been so good, cleaning everything up while I was gone…" he continues while licking around the edge of my ear, producing a shiver and small moan from me. "I think you deserve a reward," as he nips my ear gently, "Would you like a reward, baby?" he asks, pulling back from my ear and standing up straight to look down into my big eyed, needy expression and see me nod as much as his grip on my hair will allow before shifting my eyes away and blushing slightly.

With that, he kisses my forehead and then guides me gently out of the chair by the hair he’s still got firmly in his hand. As he maneuvers me around by my hair, I can’t help but moan again and he smiles, kissing my forehead again as he lets the hair go and rubs his hands down my back and up and down my sides. Now that I’m out of the chair he can pull me close against him and hold me tight as he kisses me deeply again, exploring my mouth with his tongue and sucking on mine when it slides past his into his mouth. For a few moments, we just stand there kissing and holding each other; then, his hands slide up under my shirt to squeeze me around the waist before pushing me slightly away from him and pulling the shirt up and off of me. He watches me as his hands slide over my bare flesh, squeezing and caressing, watching me purr and gasp before reaching around to also remove my bra.

With my bra gone, Ian slides his hands up from my waist and under my breasts, rubbing up and over them and eliciting another moan from me as he gently squeezes and kneads them. I begin gasping and quietly crying out as he moves further in and begins squeezing and twisting my nipples, gently at first and then harder and harder until my body is arching and straining and my moans are almost constant. As I arch against him, he puts an arm behind my back to support me and leans down to take one nipple into his mouth as he continues squeezing and twisting the other.

For a while he just gently sucks at the nipple in his mouth, the contrasting sensations making me squirm and moan louder. Then he slowly begins sucking harder and incorporates his teeth, squeezing and twisting the other nipple harder and harder until he knows he’s got me right on the edge of the pain being too much. As he reaches that edge, he expertly slacks off slowly on the squeezing and twisting while continuing to bite down on my other nipple, flicking his tongue back and forth over it and making me shudder in his arms. Soon he takes his hand entirely away from the one nipple and slides it down my stomach to unfasten my jeans and deftly slide them off of me while I’m distracted by his teeth and tongue.

Once he’s got me naked, he lightens the pressure on my nipple and eventually pulls away from it to kiss me again as my back straightens and I gasp for breath. When I can stand on my own again, Ian moves the armchair I’d been sitting in around into the middle of the room and then pushes me down over the back of it, telling me in that commanding tone of his not to move.

I stand there, bent over the chair with my legs slightly spread and my hands supporting me in the cushion, and I hear him walk out of the room. A few minutes later, he comes back in and I turn my head slightly to look at him. I see that he’s got a few of his ties as well as his laptop but he swats my ass, growling, "I said not to move", before I can see what else he’s got.

Behind me, I can hear him fussing with the laptop on his desk for a moment before he walks around in front of me with two of his ties. I look at him a little curiously as he takes my hands up off the cushion and kisses me, before pulling me so my hands are hanging over the front of the chair. Then he uses the ties to fasten my wrists to the front legs of the chair. He stands, and I’m stretched in such a way that it would almost be painful for me to look up, so all I can see are his legs walking out of my view. A moment later, his hands slide down the back of my legs and I feel him tying my ankles to the back legs of the chair. I cannot move at all, and a shiver of anticipation runs through me as I wonder what he has planned.

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