Quick Updates

To any new readers who may have found there way here through WordPress’s Freshly Pressed feature- Welcome! I am delighted to have you here and I hope you’ll stay for a while. I was astounded to have my post featured, and even more astounded by the amount of hits and comments that generated.

Due to the increased traffic here over the last couple days and since no one seems all that interested in using Google Buzz, I’ve created a Twitter account for the blog. It seems they have a character limit for usernames, so I couldn’t make my username there ImpassionedPlatypi like I wanted. One strike against Twitter so far… But anyway, the account is created and I’ve posted to it a couple of times. There’s a button on the sidebar that will take you to my profile page. I wanted to use a widget that would show posts there, but it wasn’t working. Also, I quite enjoy the alternate for "Twitter" and "Tweets" that The Over-Educated Nympho came up with, so from here on out I will be referring to the service as Twatter and the posts as Twats or Twatters. Context should pretty easily separate whether I’m talking about Twitter or a person.

The Q&A page that I mentioned in an earlier post is up, so remember to feel free to ask me anything. It can be weird, random, personal, sexual, anything you want. Just bear in mind that I may lie to protect my anonymity. I’ll try to make the answers entertaining if I lie though.

And finally, I’ve added a button at the bottom of the sidebar. The Organic Sister, in an effort to generate income while she and her family RV around the country, has started a coaching business aimed toward helping people who are interested in unschooling but don’t know where to start or how to handle certain situations that can arise. If you have questions, she can definitely answer them.


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