Fork and Cork Wine Festival

This weekend was the second annual Fork and Cork wine festival in scenic Blacksburg, Virginia.

Grass Splattered Sign 

The Keeper was still attending college at Virginia Tech last year when the first Fork and Cork was held and he enjoyed the event quite a bit. So, early last week when we realized that it was coming up again we made some last minute travel plans.

We arrived Friday evening and settled into our hotel room for some rest before the next day’s boozing. Saturday we got up, got ready and ventured out to catch up with some friends who still attend Tech before making our way over to the festival. The weather report was calling for a 20% chance of thunderstorms, but upon setting foot outside we decided that we would probably welcome a little rain during the event. It was hot… like whoa. Sunny, barely any cloud cover and stifling humidity. But we had already purchased our tickets online, so we couldn’t back out and just stay by the pool at the hotel all day.

The Fork and Cork, being only in it’s second year, is not a very big event. There were only 20 wineries present, a handful of food vendors and about 6-10 arts and crafts booths. The event’s size wasn’t a problem though. The event was set up so people only needed tickets for the wine booths, which were in a separate fenced off area along with a couple of wine related vendors and the radio station sponsoring the event.

Oak Barrel Vendor

The venue’s size, on the other hand, was in my opinion a little too small. The winery tents were all tiny, I’m assuming because of the size of the venue, which meant there was less space for people to stand and participate in tastings. Because of that, all of the wineries had ridiculously huge crowds clamoring around to taste their wines.


Despite the cramped conditions, sweltering heat exacerbated by the asphalt parking lot we were walking around on and the lack of readily available, easily accessible, COLD water to stave off dehydration and heat stroke though, The Keeper and I did manage to enjoy ourselves a little bit.

We tasted a few wines.
Wine Pouring
Wine Tasting

We browsed some of the merchandise.
Glass Caddies    Hokie  

We bought some extremely tasty sangria.

And we got to say hi to our favorite local celebrity, The Plaid Avenger. He even did a dashing super-spy pose for me when he noticed the camera, but I managed to hit the shutter button right before he posed and missed it. Now I’m kicking myself for not asking him to pose again… ah well. He’s still a sexy plaid man-beast.
Plaid Man


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