In The News Today

It’s been a while since I scanned the headlines on Google News, but I was not disappointed today when I did. Two articles in particular caught my attention.

The first was about how the US Navy is finally going to allow women to serve on submarines. The Navy has had a submarine force for 110 years. In all that time, but most surprisingly in recent history, they never allowed women to serve because of the cramped living situation and lack of privacy. Apparently the subs have gotten big enough now that the Navy can offer enough privacy to hopefully stem any harassment of their female officers (and eventually enlisted women) and thereby keep from having to deal with annoying lawsuits and bad press. Personally, I don’t really understand why the male soldiers in any branch of the military treat the female soldiers with so much disrespect. I have to assume that the military doesn’t relax their standards for admission for women. I know there are other professions that do that, such as fire fighters, and I’ve never agreed with it. I’m a woman, but the situations people in emergency services and the military get into are extreme and if EVERY person involved is not on the same level mentally and physically, that’s just not right. So, assuming that the military is more serious about their standards than the civilian emergency services, there’s no reason for the men to disrespect their fellow soldiers just because that fellow soldier just so happens to have a vagina. If she passed the same tests in boot camp and basic training as the male soldiers then she’s just as capable and qualified to be there. So it’s about damn time female officers were allowed on submarines.

Now, to bring us off of our feminist patriotism high, the other article that stood out to me was about US citizens living abroad. It seems that a growing number of our countrymen overseas are deciding to give up their citizenship due to unfair taxation and the practices of US banks. And judging on the information given in the article- good for them. I mean, I can kind of almost understand why a country that’s allowing you to keep citizenship despite your desire to live in another country might want to get some benefit out of allowing that. But taxing people who are already being taxed by the government of the country they’re living in when the generally accepted practice of other governments toward their citizens who work and live abroad is not to tax them… that’s just a slap in the face. Not to mention the fact that some of these US citizen do not actually retain the right to vote along with their citizenship (from what I could tell reading this article), and therefore are being taxed without any representation in our government. Add to that the fact that US banks are interpreting the Patriot Act to allow them to close longstanding account holders’ accounts on the basis that they don’t live in the US, and these people are just getting fucked every which way. I’d give up my citizenship too.


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