Question and Answer

I’ve decided I want to make a FAQ page. I don’t like "About" pages because even when I’m not trying to be anonymous I don’t like just talking about myself. When I meet new people I don’t just start spouting off info about myself, I need questions to get things rolling. So, I figure a page where I’m answering questions might be fun. Sometime today I’ll probably throw up my FAQ page with some weird, random questions I made up myself and the answers. In the meantime, if anyone out there has a question please feel free to ask. You can ask in email or in the comments, either is fine with me. And I don’t care what the question is about. No topic is off limits for asking, though to protect my anonymity I might decide not to answer or to lie in my answer. but that’s part of the fun I think. And if anyone asks a question that I think the answer to would make a fun blog post, I’ll make a blog post out of it and then just link the answer on the FAQ page.


5 thoughts on “Question and Answer

  1. What it the significance of the platypus? I’m Australian so it got my attention, but from a brief reading of this blog….you’re not Australian????)

  2. Your question has been answered on the Q&A page, but I’ll post the answer here for you too:

    Nope, I’m not Australian. And I’m not sure there’s exactly a significance… I just really like the platypus. I’ve done some research on them and I just think they’re fantastic.

  3. Oh flip, sorry,,,hadn’t even looked there. I always shake my head at people like me who don’t read properly!

  4. Oh! No, I mean that I reposted YOUR question on the page, but that I was going to repost the answer here so that you didn’t have to go there if you were just following your “My Comments” on your Dashboard or something. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to confuse you!

  5. Haha Yes, it’s ok. I’ve got it all worked out now and have read your Q&A page. It’s all good.

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