More Recommendations

Still unemployed and still devouring media. Unfortunately, this installation of Recommendations will not be including any book recommendations. I finished up the Jenna Jameson book and all the Ender’s Shadow books and just got stuck. I want to pick up something new, and I have plenty of books I haven’t read in the apartment, but nothing seems appealing to me for some reason. I’m sure something will catch my fancy eventually, but in the meantime I’ve been filling the time I had been spending on reading with TV instead. Netflix instant streaming has been a beautiful thing. Here’s what I’ve been watching:

  • Bones. I’ve been watching Bones since the first season. I love all the characters and the developing relationships and dynamics. But, after Season 3 I somehow lost track of the show. I think something happened and the scheduled recording of new episodes I had set up on my DVR got erased or something. I tried to stream Season 4 from a couple different free sites online before I got Netflix and I didn’t have much luck with it. Then, shortly before The Keeper and I moved into our new apartment I got Netflix. I didn’t pay much attention to the Instant streaming option at first, but since I’ve been unemployed I’ve been watching more and more on my computer or through the XBox. I recently watched the entirety of Season 4 of Bones. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, so all I’ll say is this- Fucking hell. I didn’t think they could fuck with the fans any worse than they did with the ending of the third season, but by Goddess they managed to do it. Fuck…
  • My Name is Earl. After I finished Season 4 of Bones, I kind of randomly decided to move on to My Name Is Earl. I’ve always liked Jason Lee and I have some friends who watch the show. Also, the one episode I had seen was pretty funny. So I decided to give it a shot. Man am I glad I did. I LOVE these characters. Most of them aren’t all that realistic (Patty the daytime hooker who got a 1500 on her SATs and has a Master’s; Darnell the ex-government operative who is happily married to a woman with about half his IQ and works as a cook at a local dive bar/seafood restaurant; etc), but somehow they all gain such depth the further you get into the show. And it’s also got a sweet message/morality about it. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something light-hearted and funny.
  • Justified. Unlike the last installment of Recommendations, this time I do have a new show to praise. FX has a new show called Justified which is currently in the middle of it’s first season. Timothy Olyphant plays a US Marshall with an itchy trigger finger who is transferred back to his hometown and has to deal with old friends and family who he’d hoped never to see again. It doesn’t sound all the great, but there’s a lot of awesome in this show. It’s a smidge of crime drama, but it’s way, way more character driven than most. And there’s Timothy Olyphant. Olyphant makes this show at least worth checking out, in my opinion.
  • NCIS. Oddly enough, The Keeper’s paternal grandmother got us interested in this show. In general, I’ve kept away from the crime dramas whose titles are just letters. CSI, NCIS, JAG, etc. The advertisements never caught my interest and if I saw bits of the actual shows the characters always turned me off to the show. But then we were visiting The Keeper’s family for a holiday or something and his Granny turned on NCIS and after a couple episodes we got hooked. For a while we contented ourselves with TV reruns, but then a couple weeks ago we were in Best Buy and The Keeper decided it was time we saw things in order. We took our time with the first season, watching a couple episodes at a time every few days, getting to know and love the characters, seeing them develop and seeing how they all fit together. The characters really are amazing. Gibbs, Denozo, Abby, Ducky, Kate, McGee… they’re all just spectacular. And funny. They’re so funny. Kate and Denozo baiting each other and bickering like siblings with Gibbs looking on like some harsh but lovable father figure. Ducky talking to the autopsy subjects and going off on long winded but very interesting and informative tangents. McGee, a cute pudgy faced little nerd boy who gets picked on and hazed by Denozo and Kate. And last, but my personal favorite, Abby the perky goth forensics expert. The Keeper and I have just finished the first couple discs of the third season. He’s been buying each new season as we finish the last. It’s become an obsession that we share and I think if you give it a watch you’ll share it too.

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