Anniversary Dinner

March 28th is The Keeper’s and my anniversary. Last year we were both broke and living 4 hours apart, so we didn’t really go out. This year though, despite my being unemployed, we could afford to have a nice dinner.

The Keeper had chosen PF Chang’s because I’d never been there and he’d enjoyed it the one time he’d been with people from work. He made a reservation and everything.

I thought the decor was pretty. They have statues of Chinese generals strewn about and little clusters of wooden lanterns.

Dancing Lights

The Keeper was driving because he didn’t want me to have to deal with the busted car, so he only had one drink. PF Chang’s has Kirin Ichiban on tap.

Kirin Ichiban

I, on the other hand, had three glasses of Kinsen Plum Wine. I had never tried plum wine before, though I had been told it was very, very tasty. And it was. It was so tasty that on Thursday when we dropped the broken car off to be repaired and then went and had breakfast in a strip mall with a wine shop, I went and bought two bottles of it. Good stuff.

Kinsen Plum

We had some dumplings as an appetizer, but devoured them before I thought to take a picture. I liked the pot sticker sauce that came with them almost as much as the sauce that comes from the place we order from during D&D every week.

Then came the main courses. I got honey shrimp on a bed of what appeared to be Styrofoam but was probably some kind of rice noodle.

Honey Shrimp

And The Keeper got some sort of noodly dish, the name of which I do not remember. It was tasty though, I tried a chopstick full.

Some Kinda Noodles

And at the end The Keeper had been counseled by a colleague to get The Great Wall of Chocolate.
Great Wall of Chocolate

Ridiculously huge slice of cake with fresh berries and raspberry sauce. Probably enough for 3 or 4 people to comfortably and easily share. It was too much for the two of us, so we’ve decided to make sure we have friends with us next time we go.


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