Ravioli: First Try

Tonight I tried for the first time to make pasta from scratch with the intent of using it to make ravioli. It started out prettily enough, with the little volcano mound of flour. I filled the little mound with the eggs, olive oil and salt just as the directions I’d found online said to do.

My first mistake came after I added the eggs to the flour. It looked like the whole thing might overflow if I put the olive oil in, so I took a fork and tried to open the mound up a little bit. That caused it to spring a leak and the egg white began pouring out the side and bottom of my little mountain of flour. I plugged it as best I could and then continued following the directions, which said to whisk the eggs while slowly bringing in flour from around the sides of the mound. I think my second mistake was that I was using the fork to "whisk" the eggs. I probably should have taken out an actual whisk to use, or used my fingers as I’d seen suggested on a different recipe site which I’d decided not to use.

Soon the leak re-sprung at the side and bottom of my mound of flour and the egg was also escaping from the top of the other side. Panicking slightly, I put my hands into the mess and tried to pull the egg back toward the flour. Eventually I just started kneading it all haphazardly. It was not pretty at all. I ended up with a somewhat crumbly ball of dough with a bunch of little crumbly bits that had either fallen off the ball of dough or had come off my hands as I rubbed them together. And there was a lot of flour-egg-not-quite-dough stuck underneath it all to the counter.

Now, The Keeper and I are waiting on pizza to show up and I’m contemplating what to do differently on Thursday when I try this again. If anyone has any suggestions, please suggest away.


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