During my unemployment I have been devouring a great deal of media. None of it is really all that new, I won’t be recommending any of the "new, hot" TV shows or any movies that are out in theatres (since I haven’t been to one since Alice in Wonderland). But you may not have seen or read these things and I think they’re worthy of praise and sharing with others.

  • Orson Scott Card. Really, I recommend pretty much any of his novels/series. They’re all brilliant despite the fact that as far as I can tell he’s kind of an asshole and definitely a bigot. Right now though I mostly want to pimp the second half of the Ender series, the books that focus on Bean. Ender’s story was brilliant, but I think the characters in Bean’s story are far more likable. The only thing I wish is that Card could fully develop every character, not just one or two of them.
  • Jenna Jameson. Oddly enough, I haven’t actually seen any of her porn. I started reading her autobiography one day in a book store while I was waiting for The Keeper to find whatever he was looking for. It was only out in hardback when I started reading it, and I wasn’t about to pay the thirty-some dollars it cost to buy it, but every time I went into the bookstore I would pick it up and read a little more. It’s finally come out in paperback, so I bought it today and I have to say, this girl is fascinating. I should see if she has a blog… Anyway, yea, I’m recommending her book, because it’s brilliant.
  • Burn Notice. The Keeper and I have been watching Burn Notice. We have one disc left of the first season. It’s a USA show, so there’s only so much you can expect from it, but it’s pretty good. The main characters are pretty entertaining and it has Bruce Campbell in it. Really, that’s all you need, but there’s also a lot of eye candy besides Bruce (who looks really, really good for a guy his age) and the show is just fun.
  • Demolition Man. An oldy but a goody. Watched this for the first time in ages last night and I have to say that for a cheesy early 90s Stallone movie, it’s really a lot less cheesy than I remember. Plus it has Denis Leary in it. All sorts of awesome.

And I think that’s all I have for now. Enjoy!


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