Truly Awesome

The Keeper sent me a few links this morning and two of them were simply spectacular. The first one I read was about a girl in high school who is running a library of "banned books" out of the empty locker beside her own. She gives a short list of some of the books that her school has banned and it’s absolutely amazing. Classics and literary masterpieces like The Canterbury Tales, Paradise Lost and Animal Farm are among other, more recent classics and brilliant works of literature like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Keeper had an English teacher in high school who almost made The Hitchhiker’s Guide required reading because it’s so good (she ended up choosing Wicked instead), so it amazed me that those books would be banned… well, until I saw that the reason a lot of books are banned at her school is because "they contained information that opposed Catholicism." Yea… Anyhow, I think this girl is truly awesome to subvert the stupid banning policy by opening up her own library right there in the school.

The second article was by a kid who has recently started a blog to document the successes and failures of our country’s public education system as well as his journey to run for his local school board. Reading his article and blog posts almost makes me want to go out and try to start some movement or initiative or something, DO something more than just share my opinions and report on the awesomeness of other people. I’m not really an activist type of person though. My answer to my dislike of public education is to find alternatives that I think would work better and try to support other peoples’ movements and initiatives as best I can.


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