While We’re On The Subject Of Movies/Media

I just learned of a documentary and a movie that are in the works and I will HAVE to see, as well as a movie which might be in the works and if it gets produced I will also HAVE to see.

The documentary is about Bill Hicks, an American stand up comic during the late 80’s and early 90’s. Here, watch a couple bits of his genius:

And this is a bit Bill did on the Late Show right before his death, but Letterman decided not to air it. This is years later, after Bill’s death when Letterman brought Bill’s Mother on and then aired the clip.

Hicks had a short lived, but extremely influential career and I was ecstatic to find out about this documentary. I only learned about the man within the last couple years and that kind of makes me sad. He was so controversial and influential while he was alive, but after his death he seems to have almost melted away. If he were given icon status like George Carlin or Richard Pryor I might have known about him long before I did, but to the general public he seems to have not made much of a mark. Big name comedians know who he is. I saw a piece of an interview with George Carlin once (and I can’t find the damn clip, which is vexing me to no end right now) where he made mention of Hicks. I don’t remember specifically, but I believe he was a fan. George Carlin, one of the most beloved, iconic comedians ever was a fan of Bill Hicks. Yea, so I am PSYCHED for this documentary.

I’m also really interested in this little tidbit at the end of the article I linked above:

"With Russell Crowe rumoured to be planning his own Hicks biopic…"

Now, unfortunately I didn’t find much in a Google search on this. The things that came up seemed to mostly be from 2008, so I have no idea how likely it is that Hicks will get his own movie. But you can bet your ass that if it does I WILL be seeing it. I’m not so sure if Crowe is really the best choice to actually play Hicks, but regardless, I will being seeing that movie if it is made.

The other movie that I will be seeing if the idea doesn’t get completely scrapped is a remake of the John Wayne classic True Grit. I’m not huge on Westerns, but my Mom is and she would watch all the old John Wayne movies on tv when I was growing up. True Grit was one of the movies that my Mom watched that I really liked. And I am extra excited that Jeff Bridges is listed in the role of Rooster Cogburn for the remake. I fucking LOVE Jeff Bridges. Ever since I saw The Big Lebowski I have loved Bridges. I may make a trip home to go and see it with my Mom if/when it comes out. Maybe even rent the original to watch the night before we go see the remake. I really hope they don’t fuck it up.


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