Cleansing A New Home

Ever since middle school I’ve been interested in new age religions/spirituality. I did the whole Christian thing for a while, but I always disliked the way Christians seem to fixate on Hell and stress that if you don’t do what they say you should do you’ll be damned to eternal suffering. The denomination I have the most experience with is Baptist, so it might just be that I wasn’t exposed to a large enough cross section of all the different denominations, but I pretty much gave up on Christianity and organized religion in general by about 8th grade. I read a lot about Wicca once I gave up on Christianity, and I like a lot of what I learned, but for some reason I don’t identify myself as Wiccan. Maybe it’s the association with rebellious 13 year olds, but I’ve adopted the term Pagan to describe my religious orientation rather than Wiccan.

For the most part I don’t really do much in the way of rituals or worship. It’s kind of an internal thing for me most of the time, which is good because my ex, Toad (his chosen nickname, not something I made up for him), was an atheist. He didn’t have a problem with me believing what I wanted to believe, but he also didn’t really encourage me to get more involved in it. Once we split up though, along with a lot of self evaluation came a resurgence of spiritual thought. Once I found an apartment, this  reawakening meant that I gave some thought to preparing the new place spiritually. Cleansing it of negative energies, so that I could move into a positive space.

To cleanse my new space I believe I just lit a bunch of incense, meditated a bit in each room, used a sage smudge stick to trace pentacles in the air while asking for the Goddess and God’s blessing on my new home and then lined the window sills and doorway with sea salt. The incense was to clear the space of negative energy and I duplicated that part of this ritual in the apartment The Keeper and I moved into a few months ago. The meditation was to fill the new space with positive energies, and I did that in my new apartment too. I did not use the smudge stick this time, I honestly don’t really remember what that was supposed to be for. But I did take a new broom and used it to figuratively clean all the surfaces in the place. And I still lined all the window sills and the doorway with sea salt, to ward against negative energies and anything that might mean harm to The Keeper and I.

The Keeper is Christian, but he encourages me to have faith. Any kind of faith is good as far as he’s concerned, it doesn’t have to be the same as his. That’s a very nice change of pace from Toad, and since The Keeper is more open, I tried to include him in my cleansing ritual. He was going to be living here too, so I thought it was appropriate for him to have some input. He felt that most of my ritual kind of conflicted with his own beliefs and faith and raising, but he agreed to come in at the end to ask our respective deities to bless our new home and then share some food and wine with me in the new apartment to start things off with lots of positive energy.

So far, I’d say the wards are holding strong and we’ve been quite blessed.


2 thoughts on “Cleansing A New Home

  1. I think it’s probably quite easy for the two “religeons” to intermix, as long as both understand what’s going on and why. As a Christian, the burning of leaves, or the use of the salt, gives ordinary objects power over spirits, which is, in essence, creating an idol of these things. As a young Christian in this era, I am not as absolutist as my grandparents are/were, but some of the principles still hold. You’re quite lucky to have found someone who encourages your faith, in whatever form. It’s a rare person, no matter what belief system, who will do that.

  2. Yea, it’s definitely not difficult to mix the religions if both people have open minds about it. You’re right, I am lucky to have found someone else with an open mind ^_^

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