Vegas Hates Obama

Came across this story a little while ago and thought it was kind of interesting. Apparently in a couple of speeches Obama has used Las Vegas as an example of something people don’t do when they’re on a budget or trying to spend money responsibly and now the mayor of Vegas is peeved. He wants a public apology and he wants Obama to quit friggin doing that shit, and I’m not sure I can blame him really. I mean, it’s kind of common sense that if you don’t have the money for it you shouldn’t go to Vegas but when the President mentions your town in conjunction with irresponsible spending it’s like a subliminal message almost. People know what he means, but then tourism goes to shit in the place he mentions just by virtue of him mentioning it in a negative way.


One thought on “Vegas Hates Obama

  1. In my opinion Obama shouldn’t be welcome in Vegas after all the things he said. I just hope that Obama would just shut his mouth and do something reproductive on his country.

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