This Somehow Hadn’t Even Occurred To Me

Just read a blog post by Erik Van Slyke that got me thinking… My layoff makes pretty much no sense from a financial standpoint for the company. They say that the layoff I was part of was intended to streamline the business and help the company to grow later by becoming more efficient, or something. And at the time I was given my notice (9 months ago) it was also thought that by the time I was going to be leaving there would be some procedures in place to make my job a bit more automated and efficient, thereby making me irrelevant and justifying the lay off.

Those procedures are nowhere close to being in place. My team is at least a month behind on what we do. There are three temps helping the team I was working in, two doing the same job I had been doing and one as sort of an assistant to help with things that need done but take up time that the rest could be using to try and put a dent in that month long backlog. It is likely that they will bring more temps in to try and get caught up after I’m gone. Exactly how does any of this save the company money?

After reading that blog post though I’m wondering if the execs at my company might have just been trying to secure their own salaries or bonuses or something like that. I mean, I don’t think we’re one of those companies that gives out a bunch of bonuses, but it might just be that I wasn’t at the level to get one.


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