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So yesterday when I was checking out GoogleNews I found a few interesting stories, but I only posted about the Crabzilla one because, well, come on now… it’s Crabzilla.

But anyway, I don’t feel like posting three separate times about all this so I’m going to try something new. A multi-platypus post! I’m not sure yet how this is going to work, so just walk with me here… I’m thinking, dialog. Yea, lets try this.

Prime: Alright so this first story is about Barbie. Seems there are a couple new ones coming out. Now, normally I wouldn’t care, but the headline caught me eye: Public votes to turn Barbie into a geek. What do we think about this?

Yemanja: Well I think this is great, actually, and I imagine Cry will agree with me. I mean, it may help little geeky girls to not feel as much like outcasts. When kids pick on her maybe she can say, "Yea, well Barbie likes the stuff I do and Barbie is cool."

Crytia: Yea, I’m diggin how the doll who’s been the quintessential popular girl for most of her history is branching out. ‘Manja is right, I mean being a little geeky has become more acceptable, but I think Barbie going there might make it a bit moreso for really young girls. Hopefully that’ll carry through to when they’re older.

Rupini: Best part is that now little girls who were like me will have a slightly more realistic representation of themselves when they make Barbie and Ken bang… Now all they need is Dom Ken and sub Barbie and we’re set.

*slight facepalm and little chuckle* Alright… well our next story comes from BBC news. It seems that director Kevin Smith of Jay and Silent Bob fame was heckled on a flight and made to get off the plane because the crew determined he was too big for his seat. Thing is, he claims he was sitting comfortably in the seat and having absolutely no trouble buckling his seat belt. Thoughts?

Crytia: Oh Silent Bob, how I love you. You’re not fat, just a little chunky! Seriously though, I doubt he’s so big he should have needed the extra seat. I really hope something come from the hubbub about this for those of us who are a bit bigger, but not actually so big that we can’t fit in airline seats.

Aspasia: I don’t have any issues with the policy of making bigger people pay for the extra space and such. I mean, the airline is a business and shouldn’t be punished by being required to just give you the extra space for free. And the other passengers shouldn’t be punished either, by having their person space invaded. But if Smith is telling the truth and he wasn’t hanging over into the other seats or having issues with the seat belt then there is no reason for this. It sounds like these airlines need some stricter guidelines on how to determine whether or not a passenger needs the extra space.

Brehon: Depending on all the details he could have a discrimination case against them, couldn’t he? I don’t like the modern idea of using litigation for EVERYTHING, but I could maybe get behind Silent Bob bringing a suit against Southwest over this.

Prime: Possibly, but I got the impression from the article that maybe Smith isn’t really interested in actual legal recourse so much as sending a bunch of bad PR their way. *shrug* Ok, so if no one else has anything we’ll move on. The last thing is a story about a school bus in Arizona. It’s been outfitted with free WiFi.

Crytia: O_O Oh my fucking GOD. Those lucky little shits. Not only do they have the WiFi, but it seems like a lot of them are affluent enough to have laptops to use on the bus! Fuck them. I only got my laptop about 6 months ago! Fuck them!!

*Everyone else mostly just nods, and Yemanja mumbles something about it being a good idea.*

And I think that concludes this little experiment. Let me know if you liked it… I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. If people liked it, maybe I’ll do it again. We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “In The News

  1. Here’s one that’s just caught my eye- the University of Alabama shooting, where a professor is believed to have gone on a shooting spree because she wasn’t getting tenure? That was apparently stopped by another professor, last name Moriarty.

    Maybe it’s just me being weird but I always stop and pay attention when I see a Professor Moriarty in the news.

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