I came across a news story today about a Japanese Spider Crab which has been sent to Britain’s National Sea Life Centre for display. This thing is HUGE. And apparently this type of crab is a delicacy in Japan.

I know what I wanna try if I ever get a chance to travel to Japan. Mmmm, nom nom nom.


4 thoughts on “Crabzilla

  1. That makes me think you could sit down in a restaurant and see one of the options as ‘crab leg’ without it being a missing plural style of typo.

  2. Ya know what makes him even more delicious? Apparently these crabs are getting close to being an endangered species. I don’t want them to get there, I think we should be able to do something about their numbers while at the same time still consuming them, just maybe less of them for a while… but I am totally fucked up enough to hope that I can try them /right/ before they become endangered if that’s going to happen. I would get a sick pleasure out of saying I’ve eaten an endangered animal… is that wrong?

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