Great Big Sea

So a while back I discovered Pandora, a site that lets you sort of create your own radio station. You choose artists or songs you like and then they start playing those artists as well as other similar music. And I had already gotten into Flogging Molly, so I tried creating a sort of Irish rock/folksy station for myself. Doing so introduced me to a lot of great music, but specifically it introduced me to a band that I think has become one of my very favorites. The Keeper and I went to see them over the summer (ahh, summer… you seem so far in the past now with all the snow lately….) in concert with Carbon Leaf and they were just incredible. They’re a Canadian band from Newfoundland and they just seem like the coolest guys. If it weren’t for the rain when we saw them (at an outdoor venue) and the fact that I never know what to say to people I admire this way, I would have gone and met them after the show. The two sort of front men, the guys that do most of the singing, Sean McCann and Alan Doyle have two of the sexiest voices I’ve ever heard. They come very close to the sexiness of Waylon Jennings’ voice in my opinion. Waylon being the man with THE sexiest voice of all time according to me, myself and I. And they just really fun guys. They crack jokes on stage and treat the crowd like they’re just a bunch of friends there for a jam session. They are incredible people. You should check them out… like now, by clicking on the videos I’m embedding here. Click. Now. Seriously.


And this is from the show I went to. Doyle is a sexy man with facial hair… mmmm, Doyle… He’s going to be in the new Robin Hood movie with Russel Crowe, by the way. Yea, he’s that sexy.



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