Global Warming My Ass

Yesterday I could not bend without hurting. Moving from a sitting position to a standing position hurt. Moving back down from standing to sitting hurt. When I was standing I couldn’t bend even a fraction of an inch forward or it hurt. Trying to change position in bed hurt. The only thing that did not hurt was to sit or stand or lay in a fixed position. Walking wasn’t too bad, but I could feel my back rebelling. Today isn’t much better, though it’s easier to move from sit to stand and stand to sit. And why am I in so much pain that I spent the better part of the day yesterday (because work got cancelled) playing Borderlands? Well it’s because on Sunday I did about 75% of the work of digging my vehicle out of the two plus feet of snow that had fallen over Friday and Saturday.

And now I have to go to the girly doctor to get my lady-bits checked out. Wooo!


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