Warm Welcome

I think I’ve figured out the names for my two new platypi and hopefully after this post we won’t be hearing from Prime for a while.

Anyway, please welcome Kystka, whose posts will focus on arts and crafts things. I think mostly it’s going to be art or craft projects I’m working on, but this could also apply to things I see when I’m out somewhere that are handcrafted and I think they’re very cool. Or if I’m searching the web and find how-to pages I may link to them from here. I have a feeling that many of these posts will involve pictures.

Also please welcome Crytia, whose posts will focus on geeky/nerdy/pop culturey things. The most likely topics to come up are probably tabletop role playing games, books, TV shows, movies, video games, comics, cartoons, Renaissance festivals… all that sort of things. Crytia will also probably be the first of the two new platypi to post because I’m not currently working on any craft projects (though I should be starting one soon), however I have been playing a lot of Borderlands recently.


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