Gifts and Crafts

The gift giving part of the holiday season has passed and this year it was worse than normal. I don’t mean that I got bad gifts. I actually only got one that I doubt I’ll really get any use out of, or at least not the intended use. No, the problem with gifts this year was not the receiving but the giving.

See, every year I end up deciding that someone is going to get something handmade. Usually I end up deciding that multiple someones are going to get something handmade. This wouldn’t really be a problem, but I’m usually overly ambitious about what I can do in the time I’ve given myself. Last year I decided to hand paint Celtic knot work onto four baskets to be filled with homemade holiday goodies and given to a friend of mine and various family members of The Keeper. I decided this in November, and having never designed Celtic knot work before in my life. So call it about six weeks to learn how to design the knot work, design it, transfer it to the baskets and paint all the baskets. Oh and then cook/bake a bunch of stuff to fill these baskets with right before they’re going to be given out to people. Yeeaaaa…. I got it all done last year, but it came down to the wire. And that’s not even counting the scarf I made for The Keeper’s sister, though I decided to do that far enough in advance that it wasn’t really a problem.

Well, this year I decided that my Dad and Granny were going to get handmade gifts. I decided this earlier than I had with the baskets (I think), but I procrastinated on actually starting the work on them. And then there were some unforeseen occurrences that took my focus away from my gift projects and then it was Christmas and only one of the items was finished. I downscaled my ambition this year, having remembered the hell that was rushing to get everything done last year, and I had failed.

Well, I have come up with a plan to keep this from happening again. I’ve decided to work on any handmade gifts I intend to give people throughout the coming year instead of during the last month or so before the holiday. I’ll probably start working on the gifts sometime next week. Since I do not intend to give anyone in my family the link to this blog and since I doubt most of them are likely to find me on their own, I intend to post pictures of my progress and explanations of what I’m doing. It really should have occurred to me before, but perhaps I need a crafty platypus for those posts… and there may or may not be other platypi that will need to be birthed for other reasons…


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