Wow. Just…wow.

So, during the course of my mind numbingly boring day at work I’ve been staving off the immanent explosion of my brain by delving into the archives of a blog called Cajun Boy in the City. I’ve currently just gotten through his converage of the last presidential election (which is where that link back there came from), and I am completely amazed at what I’ve learned about some of the shit that went on during all of that. Personally, I hate reading or listening to most political news. It’s just… boring. Really, really boring. It doesn’t keep my attention, so nothing sinks in and any research I did ends up being completely pointless anyway. The exception to that is the Daily Show, which is one of the only places that seems capable of discussing politics in a way that isn’t boring as shit, but I don’t pay enough attention to tv to know when that’s on generally. Well, after reading Cajun Boy’s account of the election, I think I might make an effort to find news outlets that don’t bore the shit out of me and try to get a little more informed about this stuff. I mean, the last election was pretty easy. "Which candidate is NOT Bush 2.0? Whichever it is, that’s who I’m voting for." But the next election is going to be more difficult I think. So I’m going to need to start educating myself.


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